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Friday, January 3, 2014

Why Adoption?

 Today we hear from Shelley Skuster.  A news reporter, blogger and best of all and mother through adoption.   She shares her answer to the question "Why Adoption?"
When my husband and I learned it would be hard to have biological children, we knew we would adopt.
I'm not going to lie, being diagnosed with unexplained infertility isn't easy to swallow. It took some time for us to grieve the loss of having biological children.
There were a lot of times I asked, "Why us?"
"Why do we have to go through this?"

It took a few years before we dove into the adoption process.
When the going got tough -- when our fingerprints got held up in processing, when our background checks took forever, when a birth mom chose another family -- I often times asked myself, “WHY ME?” or "Why are we adopting?"

It’s easy to be angry when you wonder WHY the adoption process is so hard. Why it’s such a roller coaster. Why there’s so much red tape...
But we knew the end result was going to be a baby. We knew it would be worth it. We had faith that God had already handpicked a baby just for us.
What we didn't know was that it would only be six months before we'd hold our sweet daughter in our arms.
Six months.
These days I find myself looking in the mirror while holding our 5-month old little girl [she loves to see herself], and I ask myself the same question: “WHY ME?” except in a completely different context.
Why did God choose me to be an adoptive mom?
Why did her birth momma feel I was deserving to be this precious girl’s forever mom?
What did I do to deserve such an honor?
I still don't know why God chose us to be adoptive parents.
I'm not sure I'll ever know.

But what I do know is this: It's an unbelievable privilege to be chosen -- Chosen by my daughter's birth momma to be her Mom; chosen by God to be an adoptive Mom.
It's the absolute greatest feeling in the world...
-Shelley "Russell" Skuster
You can read more from Shelley on her blog.

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  1. Beautiful. As a birthmother who agonized for 40 years over my decision, I met my son who I love more than life. I truly believe he and his parents were a match made in heaven. I wish you much joy.


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