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Monday, December 9, 2013

Helping Children in Liberia.

United For Adoption is continuing our efforts to raise some funds for a small orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia.   We posted about it last Monday in place of our segment "Matching Mondays".   This is the last week of this fundraiser.   We are asking for everyone to donate $5....less than a a Big Mac Meal at McDonald's.   Please take a moment and donate today.   I am re-posting last weeks blog post below.  Read to learn more!
Thank you for helping these special children!
This time of year our thoughts turn to children.  We excitedly shop for the children in our lives hoping to buy just the right gift to please these little people we love.    Our thoughts turn to children in our community who's family have fallen on hard times.  The community pitches in and places toys  in a donation box at our local library or grocery store.   It is a blessing for these children.   

Today I want to introduce you to a new set of children who need your thoughts, prayers, love and support.   These children don't have a wish list, they don't have a Christmas.    These children are hoping to fill their little bellies.   They are in need of food, medications, shelter, clothing and love.  These children live in an Orphanage in Liberia.   They have a few caregivers who work for free on their behalf.  These children don't have food everyday, they don't have the medications they need.  Recently one of the little boys passed away when medical treatment came too late.   Today I am asking you to join United For Adoption in helping these beautiful children have food everyday rather than every few days, have shelter and medications.  
We are asking you to
GIVE $5 to help them THRIVE!
Between now and December 16th we are asking you to go to Hope For Fallen Leaves website
and donate 5 dollars (or more if you would like) to help feed these darling children!
(The link is below or you can go to their website and click on "store" tab.  Our fundraiser is listed under that tab.)

Eating after 2 days without food. 
United For Adoption would like you to join us in helping these children have what they need now and in the future.  This is our first fundraiser to help these sweet children.   We want to do more for these children in 2014. 
Please help us make this first attempt a successful one!!!
We ask you to spread the word and share this fundraiser and the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and all other social media you connect with. 
Join us in helping these children!
*Note:  The webpage you use to donate says the fundraiser ends today.  It will end on the 16th instead of the 9th.

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