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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"I Love You More Than Tongues Can Tell"

As we were getting ready for our UFA Conference I had an author contact me.  Her name is Anne T. Zwicker. She goes by Terry.  She loves adoption and was excited to learn about our conference.   She sent my family a copy of her book titled
"I Love You More
Than Tongues Can Tell".  
We love this book!!!   I had no idea upon reading the book that the story was the authors story of her adoption and how her family was built.   I love this story because it is different than most children's adoption books...this book takes you full circle!   The illustrations in this book are very special.  They are created by Terry's son Forrest S. Ashby. 

If you haven't had a chance to read this book or add it to your home library now is your chance to get one.   Terry has graciously donated 3 copies for us to give away to our United For Adoption readers and Facebook friends.   Please go to our Facebook page and look for the related post to enter to win.
You can purchase Terry's book by going here.
Terry has another book titled "Lettuce Left Root Beer Right".  It is a great story that helps children learn how to properly set a table.   It has been helping my kiddos ever since we read it!  While not adoption related it is alot of fun!   You can learn more about it here.
Both books are also available in E-Book format.
Thank you Terry for sharing your book with all of us!!!

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