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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Adoption Shop Talk: Dollface Photo

Each month we feature a business that creates and/or sells adoption merchandise.
Today we are talking

DollFace Photo
Brandy Dial shares a little bit about her family and how she decided photography was her passion.

That's me with the giant family. As the mother of 5 adopted children, I've got a soft spot for adoption. I've tried for years to promote the cause, so I present at high schools and junior high schools with birth parents to dispel adoption myths and get folks thinking about it. But I always felt like there was very little support for adoptive couples through the process.

In 2001, when our adoption journey began, we needed to submit a family photo with our profile to send to multiple agencies. I was always unhappy with the first set, proclaiming, "Who would want an ugly couple to adopt their baby?" Silly, right? And yet so profoundly important when you're immersed in the process. So we paid for multiple sessions every time we submitted adoption papers. On top of intense and mountainous paperwork and personal stress, we couldn't get an adoption-worthy picture taken! So by 2008, when we were submitting our paperwork for a fourth time, my husband bought me my first professional-grade camera. He submitted that if I thought I could do better, I should.

I educated myself and practiced for a couple of years. I started my company and continued my efforts in the schools. After being asked by an adoption agency to do a presentation on how to make profiles, blogs, personal photos, and pass-along cards more beautiful and effective, I thought, "Why don't I offer profile, placement, or birth photos to ease the stress on adoptive couples?" And so it began! I've done numerous profile pictures for incredible couples hoping to start a family through adoption and have had the pleasure of taking newborn, family, and finalization photos when their dreams came true!

It's not any sort of experience you can truly understand unless you've gone through it. I hope that the couples who are willing to adopt can have their loads lightened, even a little, by having photos they are confident to share. 

I can be contacted via facebook DollFace Photo, or http://dollfacephoto.com/
Here are a couple of examples of her work.  You can view more on her website.

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