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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Three Community Agencies YOU will want to know about!

Three Community agencies working together to fill in the missing gaps in adoption…
Forever Bound Adoption – West Sands Adoption – Hope for Fallen Leaves
Have you heard about Forever Bound Adoption?
Forever Bound Adoption is licensed adoption agency that works with other community organizations to provide maximum support for adoptive couples and expectant parents. With 30 years of experience Forever Bound displays high values in the challenging and emotional adoption process. Forever Bound offers a full range of opportunities for adoptive couples by providing; home studies, domestic infant adoptions, International adoptions through West Sands Adoptions (Hague Accredited) and assistance with Utah foster care adoptions.
West Sands Adoptions has been licensed for over 20 years as a non-profit 501(c)(3) Child-Placing Agency. They are currently licensed in China and Ethiopia.
Have you heard about Hope for Fallen Leaves?
Hope for Fallen Leaves provides grants to adoptive families for adoption expenses. Adoptive couples that are approved by Forever Bound Adoption Agency are eligible for these grants. Hope for Fallen Leaves also provides humanitarian services for several countries in Africa.
A blog post specifically about Hope for Fallen Leaves is coming soon!
Interested in adopting or placing through Forever Bound Adoption?
Contact Steve Sunday at steve@foreverboundadoption.org

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