A network of adoptive families, birth families, and adoption professionals which exists to improve the lives of children and others touched by adoption through support and education. UFA is actively engaged in community outreach and advocacy to raise awareness of adoption as a loving option.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Getting to Know the UFA Board.

Today we introduce you to
Steve and Jessica Moon
They serve on our UFA Board.
They are an incredible couple and a whole lot of fun!!!

We have been so lucky to be involved with the wonderful world of adoption for over eight years!! When we were struggling with infertility we felt so alone! We didn’t know anyone who was going through this difficult trial. We said a lot of prayers and struggled for many years. In one defining moment we found out that adoption was the way we were going to become parents. Ever since that day we have never looked back. 

We were extremely fortunate to have an incredible case worker who encouraged us to be involved with FSA (Families Supporting Adoption). Little did we know that this would change our lives forever. We finally found people who were going through the same difficult trial of infertility.  We didn’t feel alone anymore. It is through this same case worker that we got involved with the FSA National Board. We were able to do more with adoption and be more involved with other amazing couples who had a passion for promoting and supporting adoption. We were able to serve on the National Board for three years. We met many lifetime friends and were able to be involved with the National Adoption Conference and many other projects. We were also serving on our local board during that time and continued to serve with them for a total of seven years. We have been very involved with education in the local schools. We feel it’s very important to educate everyone everyone about their options when faced with a unplanned pregnancy. 

We are now serving with UFA (United for Adoption). We are so honored to be able to serve on this board  full of individuals who have such a passion for adoption. They volunteer many hours to change the world of adoption in a positive way.  We have felt so blessed to be a part of any organization that is supportive of adoption and trying to promote and educate others on adoption. We love serving and look forward to serving for many years to come. 

Adoption has changed our lives in so many ways. We have been fortunate to be able to adopt two incredible children! We have a daughter who is seven and a son who is six. Nothing brings us more joy than being parents. It is way more than we could have ever dreamed of! We are so grateful to have a open adoption with both of our children’s birth families. It’s been incredible to have such unique but amazing relationships with each of them. We are currently in the process of becoming foster certified and are looking forward to experiencing this new part of adoption. We are hopeful we can help other families come together and to add to our family. 

We enjoy being together doing several activities. We love to be outdoors hiking, camping, boating, 4 wheeling, biking, swimming, just about anything. We take advantage of opportunities to travel when we can. It’s also fun to just hang out and have a movie or game night. We always have so much fun together. We can’t imagine our lives without our children in them. We are so happy that our life took us through this journey of adoption and will forever be grateful for all of the blessings it has brought into our lives.

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