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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting to know the UFA Board.

Today we introduce you to the AMAZING
Tamra Hyde.
Tamra serves on our UFA Board.
We are so lucky to have her!
Tamra Hyde was raised in Memphis, TN, the second of 8 children. She enjoys dance, travel, hiking, shopping, live music, documentaries, ice cream, and her 15 nieces and nephews. Her interests include fashion, natural nutrition and medicines, and primitive/wilderness/sustainability/survival skills. 
Her adoption story began May 15 of 1996 when she sent her little boy home to his eternal family. Having placed so early in this new and evolving generation of adoption, agency policy dictated that her and her new friends would not be allowed frequent or long term correspondence, and they have been lost to each other for over 11 years. Being a time when birthparents still met resistance in having a voice, Tamra was determined to be a part of representing the thus far under represented group and inviting hearts and minds to change. She is sad for what she's missed and for all of the birthparents and adoptive families who were involuntarily estranged by the adoption system of the past but has been thrilled to watch and be a part of the evolution that has brought us greater understanding and opportunity. She is compelled to share with others the education that changed her life and made her instrumental in the forming of a family.
Tamra has served on local FSA boards, helped organize conferences and plan events, and facilitated expectant parent groups. She has shared her story in a video as well as the written word on Itsaboutlove.org, as a guest on a talk radio show for National adoptionMonth, over 58,000 times through 2 popular youtube videos, on her own blog, and in a brochure to promote adoption. Tamra has given presentations in high schools, ecclesiastical trainings, to congregations, MSW students, and at local, regional and national conferences. She has had an article published in The Exponent II and has been interviewed and quoted by The Ensign, Deseret News, her local newspaper, and many blogs. Tamra was recently the key note speaker at the FSA Southwest Regional Conference and in 2009 was honored by FSA with the Friends of Adoption Award. But her greatest reward has come from the relationships that have been built as she's mentored or served with individual adoptive and birth parents.
Tamra is defined by her family, her faith, and her calling to be a birthparent and adoption advocate!

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