A network of adoptive families, birth families, and adoption professionals which exists to improve the lives of children and others touched by adoption through support and education. UFA is actively engaged in community outreach and advocacy to raise awareness of adoption as a loving option.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Getting to Know the UFA Board.

Today we introduce you to our amazing
UFA Secretaries
Matt & Christine Oldroyd.
UFA is so lucky to have these two!

Matt and Christine Oldroyd have gladly joined forces with United For Adoption as Secretaries after having served many years on both the National and Local Families Supporting Adoption boards.  They served as the education chairs in their local chapter starting in 2000, and joined the forces of the Executive Committee of Families Supporting Adoption as Co-Secretaries, serving there happily for over 5 years.  They have been panelists on waiting and openness at annual conferences and have mentored many other couples in their beginning journey towards their own adoption miracles.
They are the parents of 4 children, the oldest two coming through the miracle of adoption.  After having experienced the miracle of childbirth, they have gained a greater love and admiration for all birth families making adoption plans for their children and placing them in loving homes!  Adoption also runs in their families as they have family on both sides that have grown their families through adoption; 6 nieces and nephews, and counting…!
They have also had the rewarding experience of pioneering fully-open adoptions and now enjoy wonderful open relationships with their birthmothers and their extended birth-families!  This openness in their adoptions has proved to be a very rewarding and healthy path for everyone involved!  They wouldn’t have it any other way!
Christine manages to juggle her time as a billing manager and receptionist at a medical office and as a homemaker and full-time mom. Matt is a self-proclaimed computer nerd, enjoying his long-term work also in the healthcare field, and is an incredible hands-on daddy to his children!  They have had the privilege of serving in leadership in the community as well, in both the boy/cub and girl scout programs.    Children are a huge part of their lives and they feel blessed to know and love so many of them!!!

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