A network of adoptive families, birth families, and adoption professionals which exists to improve the lives of children and others touched by adoption through support and education. UFA is actively engaged in community outreach and advocacy to raise awareness of adoption as a loving option.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Getting to know UFA Board.

As a UFA board we would like the you to get to know us a little better.
Each Thursday for the next coupe of months we will be introducting UFA Board members.
The introductions start today with....
Brad and Brenda Horrocks ~ UFA Chairs

We are Brad and Brenda,
otherwise known as "The BBs".
We will be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary this year.   We have been involved in adoption since 1998 when we put our paperwork in for the first time.  We realized quickly there was a place for us in the adoption community.   We have adopted 4 incredible children.  Our oldest turns 13 next month, from there we have a 10 year old, a 7 year old and a 3 year old.  Our first 3 adoptions were through an agency and were considered "Designated Adoption", where a birth mom found out about us through a 3rd party and went into our agency requesting us.   Our last adoption was through the state.   We were blessed to work as Foster Parents for 4 years.  After saying goodbye to seven children  we got a call about a baby boy and we knew he was meant to be!

Brad and I have served on local and national adoption boards and committees and have enjoyed getting to know the many wonderful people who work hard to help promote adoption as a positive option.  We are also blessed to be part of a Birth Family.  Our nephew was placed for adoption and watching the whole process from beginning to end was a life changing experience. 
Our family enjoys open adoptions with our children's Birth Families.
Brad works for University Hospital and I stay at home with the kids.   We both enjoy movies, camping and anything we can do as a family.   Brad enjoys target shooting and I love to write.  
You can get to know us a little more on our family blog Another Small Adventure

We hope you will take the time to become a member of UFA and get involved!  
We are looking for helping hands and willing hearts!  

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