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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CLOSURE: A Documentary

Since Angela was a young girl, she had unrelenting questions surrounding her birth story. Who was her birth mother? Birth father? Did they abandon her at the hospital? Angela was adopted at the age of one, under the terms of a 'closed' adoption, given that her birth parents chose not to provide any identifying information. As an African-American raised by a Caucasian couple in a diverse family, consisting of seven other adopted siblings, Angela had a confused sense of identity growing up. As she grew older it became apparent that the unanswered questions about her story would continue to haunt her if she did not at least attempt to find the answers. Along the way, Angela’s adoptive family wrestles with tough questions throughout the process. “Why does Angela need to know her birth family?” “Aren't we enough?”

This documentary follows Angela for a period of two years during the search for her birth family, leading up to some key defining moments in her life: finding her birth mother and being rejected by her; finding her birth father and learning that he never knew she existed; and reuniting with her birth mother one year later for a redemptive climax to her pursuit of closure.

Director Statement:

CLOSURE is my first film. The moment I met Angela’s family I knew that theirs was a story to be told. A couple that adopts seven children with special needs is a couple to celebrate. I did not have any knowledge about adoption prior to meeting Angela, but I quickly became convinced that this story could educate and encourage others towards adoption, yet also show the struggles within adoption at the same time. Trans-racial adoption is a hot topic in American society today. Is it best to pluck a child out of their culture and place them in a drastically different one? Maybe, maybe not - but the complexity lies within the fact that sometimes there isn’t another choice. I believe that more unique adoption stories being shown will only help to further educate and lessen the stereotypes, myths and stigma surrounding adoption.

The creators of CLOSURE are currently crowd funding to raise the capital needed to finish the film.

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