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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Stepping Into the World of Adoption

By Brenda Horrocks

I never knew how it would be.
So unknown,
so many differing voices telling me things.
What should I believe? I wondered.
Then I stepped in and I felt hope.
The warmth of the right place seeped into my hurting heart and I felt a belonging.
Hope grew along with friendships and peace.
I stretched out my hands and my heart and found things I could do and it felt so good.
Sometime later after I had allowed myself to learn new talents we were led to our future
Brad and I met her and it was a sweet meeting with hearts ready to burst. 
So much love in the room …so different than all the times and rooms before.
We were home.
We parted even though we could have remained forever.
We left with incredible hope and peace and love.
Hours later we held the dream we had been praying for and we understood so many answers.
Adoption help us get to the gift that had been prepared for us.
Adoption gave us life and more people to love.
Adoption taught us that love multiplies and grows beyond our comprehension.
Adoption is more than a word… is the action of Love!

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