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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shout it From the Rooftops - Or the Yard

Alison Lowe, adoption advocate extraordinaire and board member of United For Adoption, is the brains and Energizer Bunny power behind the popular Adoption: Walk With Me event in Salt Lake City.

Last fall, as the date for the walk drew near, so did election day. Lawns sprouted yard signs faster than weeds. Placards promoting ballot measures and political candidates were hard to miss. Leave it to Alison to put an adoption twist on this particular expression of free speech. "Hey, if they have a sign... so can we!" she thought.

She put together a design and placed an order for signs that read, "This Family Celebrates Adoption."

2012 Adoption Walk With Me participants
Not only is this a great yard sign for November since it is National Adoption Month, but also for days worthy of commemoration like a child's birthday, placement day, finalization day, LDS temple sealings, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a visit from a birth parent, and the like. Anytime you are celebrating family, really.

Alison says, "I feel we need to get the word of adoption out there, even if it is for just a brief second. Grass roots efforts are needed just as much as big national compaigns and so I feel anything I can do to add a little pebble to the lake, I hope little ripple effects will continue."

What one house looked like during November, National Adoption Month.

If you'd like a yard sign of your own (and who wouldn't?!), contact us and we can arrange it.

Do you have a great idea for adoption advocacy? Tell us about it!

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