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Friday, April 5, 2013

How I Was Adopted

by Joanna Cole

The colorful and interestingly detailed illustrations of Maxie Chambliss make this book a great one for toddlers and preschoolers, while the brief and simple text on each page makes it good for beginning readers as well. In the book, we are introduced to Samantha, who tells us about how she was adopted. She also asks the reader questions about his or her own adoption.
"Daddy told me how old I was when I was adopted: I was one week old! Do you know how old you were when you were adopted?"
This book shares information that is often left out of children’s books but is important to include, such as addressing the child’s birth or the existence of birth parents. We appreciated the way Samantha tells the reader about traits that were there when she was born, and traits that came from growing up in her family. The author does an excellent job of bringing home the concept that an adopted child is just like any other by using eleven of the book’s pages to focus on things other than adoption so we understand that adoption doesn’t define a child.
"I like books, painting, guinea pigs, and the color red. Can you see what else I like?"
How I Was Adopted is a great model to use in talking to your child about his or her own adoption.

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