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Friday, April 19, 2013

Big Tough Girl 5K

United For Adoption is proud to be a sponsor of this year's BTG 5K race. It's coming up next week!

The purpose of this race is to raise awareness and bring the local adoption community together, including celebrating the BTG's in the area. All registration fees and sponsors go to the race and then to BIB to continue our birth mom community including baskets, support groups, birth mom retreats and more.

What is BIB, or Blessings In a Basket?  BIB is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization set up to create a community of birth moms, or Big Tough Girls, as we like to call them, nationwide.  Our mission is to make sure that birth moms are honored, respected and supported .

Who is BIB?  BIB was founded in 2010 by a birth mom, mother, and adoption supporter Ashley Mitchell.  She is surrounded by an incredible Board of Directors and BTG Team that have huge hearts
for adoption and for our birth moms.

What is BIB doing?   They are providing placement baskets, monthly support groups, amazing birth mom retreats, skype and online discussion groups, birth mom resources, BTG 5K, free adoption walks across the country, life coaches, and so much more.  They are always coming up with new ways to reach and graft birth moms together.

If you or someone you know has been touched by adoption this is a GREAT cause to run for. Or if you are just looking for a fun 5K to run then this is the place - and you get to support a charitable organization at the same time.

Saturday April 27th at 8:00am sharp!
Butterfield Park, Herriman, Utah
6212 West Butterfield Park Way
Herriman, Utah 84096
You can register on the official BIB site {paypal}

Registration is $20 for kids 12 and under and is $35 for adults
Don't forget the liability form when you register!
Race day registration is $25 for kids and $40 for adults

Registration includes:

  1. Runner packet with coupons, fliers and more
  2. BIB number
  3. BTG 5K race shirt
  4. Professional chipped timing
  5. Automatic Entry to Raffle Drawing
  6. Prizes for top finishers
  7. Food and drink for you, your family and spectators
image by Sura Nualpradid
The BTG 5K is NOT just for women....bring the men and kiddies too! The BTG 5K wants to keep on growing, and invite ALL who have been touched by adoption or who support adoption to come out, register, and support the event.

What if you want to be involved but can't swing the registration fee at this time? That's okay! You can still come and participate to show your support to adoption and the BTG community. You won't get a registration bag with the included items, but you can still support an adoption cause with your presence.

From Ashley Mitchell, Founder of BIB and the BTG 5K:
"April is such a special month for me. On April 4, 2006 I placed a precious boy for adoption with the most amazing family. We have a beautiful relationship and I am so grateful to them for adopting that boy as their very own and raising him and loving him and offering him more than I could have ever dreamed. They get to have a big birthday bash with him and they celebrate his life in a very different way than I get to. I decided that I needed something, my own way of celebrating this amazing event. 
"SO I decided to celebrate with my entire local adoption community! 
"BIB is so proud to host our 2nd annual BTG 5K this year, in celebration of adoption and that sweet little boy that has already changed so many lives!!"

Are we going to see YOU at the BTG 5K?

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