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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Tummy Mummy

By Michelle Madrid-Branch
“I love you, my special baby and my heart is full of emotion....because I know I am not the one to raise you. What am I to do?”
A woman comes to realize that she will not be the one to raise her child. A wise owl comes and shows her that she already knows what to do. After the child is born she is guided by the owl to a couple's home who is waiting and longing to be parents.

The woman, while holding the little girl, says,
“We’ve come to fill your cradle.” 
The couple says, “We will love her forever and kiss her each night for you. She will always know how much her Tummy Mummy loves her.”
This book shares the love and appreciation that the adoptive couple has for the child’s birth mother. The pictures are beautifully done. The story is short but very tender. Bonus: Children can read this at a very young age.
-Jessica Moon, adoptive mother, UFA board member

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