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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Addie's Story, Part 1

I had to start sharing this series of videos with you today. Addie's story of heartache, infertility, and adoption is the inspiration behind Katherine Nelson's song, "What's Mine Is Yours." One of our board members made me aware of these clips, saying, "I really like a lot of the things that [Addie] says about the process an adoptive Mom goes through. We often say how brave the birth mothers are - which they are - but we (adoptive moms) are also brave in this process. She does a fantastic job describing the process."

So far, Addie's story hits close to home for me. Her story parallels mine almost exactly, down to the diagnosis and journey through fertility treatments. I've never met Addie, but feel a sense of sisterhood with her, and I look forward to hearing the rest of her story over the next few days.

- Angie R., United For Adoption

Do you relate to her story? What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Addie, thank you for opening up your heart for all the world to see! I know that can be so hard, but you are fulfilling a great need in this world by helping others in a similar situation to see that these feeling and emotions are ok, and that they're normal! To see that you do mourn what you perceive at the time to be the loss of your dreams, and you do feel like you aren't sure what your purpose in life is anymore. But hopefully as your journey unfolds in this blog, we will also learn that God meant for you to fulfill your parenting dreams through alternate means, that he had a perfect child in mind that was going to be born and that was going to need you. One that you may not have found had your fertility treatments resulted in pregnancy. I will be waiting for part 2!

  2. Addie, You are a brave woman. It is hard to tell the whole story, the emotional story especially. I totally understand the grieving process. I am looking forward to part 2!


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