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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Waiting Children

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"Are there any here who have no children in their homes? If there are such, I say to you that in the orphanage near this city there are, I am told, thirty to forty little children. They are being fed and clothed and kept from the cold, and are nursed when they are sick, but they know not what it is to receive the affectionate embrace of loving parents to care for them. Oh, how they would appreciate a real home!

"There are many childless homes where the presence of these children would be a God’s blessing; and there should be no orphan child depending upon charity in this land. If you have no children of your own, if you realize the admonition of the Savior, then some of you who desire this blessing should reach out your arms and adopt some of these homeless children. And, though they may not prove in all respects all that you could wish, the intent of your heart will be rewarded by the Father who knows your desire to do good. I do not hesitate to say that the blessing that will return to the one whose home is opened to a child without parents will not only be that they will rejoice in the growth and development of that child, but that other blessings of our Father will be added to them in proportion to their good works. 

"If there strayed into your dooryard a fine colt or calf, without an owner, and no prospect of anybody claiming it, would you cast it out? Wouldn’t you consider it valuable and take possession? Perhaps it would be worth a few dollars at most, yet you would rejoice to get it. But if it were an orphan child, a homeless waif, created in the image of God, its spirit begotten by him, and its possibilities incalculable, would you consider it valuable, and be willing to give it a home? Let me ask you, what is the value of an immortal soul?"
- George Albert Smith, October 1907

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