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Friday, December 7, 2012

A Mother for Choco

by Keiko Kasza

This is a sweet story about a little bird named Choco searching for his mother. With simple text and bright, colorful illustrations it makes the perfect read-it-again-please book for toddlers and preschoolers. Each animal Choco asks gives a reason why she can’t be his mother, and all have something to do with their physical differences.
"Oh, Mrs. Giraffe!" he cried. "You are yellow just like me! Are you my mother?" 
I’m sorry," sighed Mrs. Giraffe. "But I don’t have wings like you." 
Finally he meets Mrs. Bear, who comes running when she hears Choco crying. 
As she listened to Choco’s story, she sighed. "Oh, dear. If you had a mommy, what would she do?" 
"Oh, I’m sure she would hold me," sobbed Choco. 
"Like this?" asked Mrs. Bear. And she held Choco very tight.
Mrs. Bear invites Choco to join her at home with her other children who turn out to be a little hippo, a pig, and an alligator.

I have to admit, I was prepared to dislike this book. Normally I’m not enthusiastic about books that ignore birthparents and leave the burden of finding parents up to the child. However, this book is not about the adoption process. 

A Mother for Choco has joined my list of favorites because of the message it conveys: A mother is as a mother does. It’s not what a mother looks like that makes her a mother, despite what others may mistakenly believe. Whether you adopted transracially or whether the child you adopted looks exactly like you, you will connect with this book because of the message that being a parent is about, above all else, love.

Your turn: Do you have this book? What do you and your children think of it? Leave your comments here.

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  1. We love this book! My one year old carries it around saying, "choco, choco" to ask us to read it to her.

    I'm fairly picky about books with an adoption theme, and this is a keeper.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Camille. It's fun to hear that your little one gives it her stamp of approval, too. If you would like to review any other books that have found a home on your shelves, we'd love to be able to post it here on a Friday.


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