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Friday, November 30, 2012

Raising Adopted Children

By Lois Ruskai Melina

This book is considered a classic reference for adoptive families. In fact, a previously printed version than the one pictured above was subtitled: A Manual For Adoptive Parents.

The author covers just about every area of adoption you can think of including bonding, contact with the birth family, talking to your child about adoption at different developmental stages in his/her life, and how to answer people’s questions about adoption. 

Melina also discusses special issues in adoption such as the multiracial family, special needs, behavior problems, and raising a family with both adopted and biological children. 

Raising Adopted Children is written in a straightforward and informative manner, and is a must-read for any adoptive parent. Although I'm an enthusiastic patron of the library, I have appreciated owning this book so I can return to it every couple of years or as needed while I rear my children. Every adoption - and every child - is unique, so not every part of the book will apply to every family. But there is enough solid information and guidance in this book to make it a beneficial addition to any adoptive family's shelves.

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